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Baby Blue

Harvey Trisdale

by Harvey Trisdale

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released July 20, 2018

Harvey Trisdale is:
Carl Lehman
Evan Rasch
Jeremy Stern
Tim Gruber

Produced & recorded by Mike Gevaza @ Continental Recording Studio
Mix for “Fit to Be Found” & “Forever” by Mike Gevaza
Mix for “Corners,” “Van,” & “Baby” by Curtis Toyota
Mastered by Danielle Warman & Jon Altschiller @ Chiller Sound



all rights reserved



Harvey Trisdale Gambier, Ohio


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Track Name: Corners
She doesn't hide behind the corners–wait
As it's breaking down I lose my faith
I'm holding steady but the goddamn rain
Came pouring through my window in the dead of day
Wait a minute let me make my case
While I wash away this liquor
Streaming down my face
I can feel you with me in a cold embrace
But I looked away too long and let it slip away
Things are seeming different
But it's hard to say
If the times are really different just like my old ways
My eyes start to flicker but you help my gaze
These fuckers all around you lookin' out of place

All I'm saying is all I'm saying
That you aren't playing the game
All my fears that you won't hear
Are staying near my brain

Steal your baby's thoughts when she won't look away
I tell you on the phone
You need to pull your weight
I'm just shedding skin because I have to wait
Drugs in corner stores
Not like the ones you take
Itching at your skin before the shivers come
I swear she'd feel much better if she just went numb
TV's flashing things that I don't understand
I'm lost inside my head
I'll never be a man

All I'm saying is all I'm saying
That you aren't playing the game
All my fears that you won't hear
Are staying near my brain
Track Name: Fit To Be Found
Winter, Asking yourself is this for real now
Barely arrived
Patience, soaking in her anomalies yeah
Waiting inside

She says "God figure it out
This time yourself
Tighten your pants"

Always answering all these stupid questions
What are they worth
Call you, powder is clotting up my bloodstream
Barely alive

I know I'm always around
This time of night
Fit to be found

She says "God figure it out
This time yourself
You're always alone
Track Name: Van
kissing in your room
pin pricks on your arms and legs
taking off your shirt
kill me when I start to beg

I've been turning blue again
blue balloons tied to my wrists

when I slump my head
feel her in my arms again
taking off my clothes
fuck him in your parent's van

I can't stop my smile
the smiling voices in my brain
I can't see a thing
get all of your plans the fuck out of my face
Track Name: Forever
her head came crashing through the door
i looked at her head resting out on the floor
i'm not the one she's looking for
i'm not the one she's looking for

ants in the pantry in the sink
i wake up every morning asking where the hell did i move to
she's having nightmares in the street
and on the bus way in the back and then my arms and then her hair


i know your name is not your word
but that monet that’s on your floor
it holds a lot of your old terms
she’s having nightmares in the street
(and all my nights are spent asleep without a thought left in between)


dance in me lover, like the moon
that casts a shadow on the floor
and you will hover over me as i wait patiently for more
Track Name: Baby
you are folding up the words that you should have said
I'm a thousand miles away and I'm going to bed
you can try to push a smile you'll end up crying instead
you're a baby in the arms of a new idea
and the holes that fill your thoughts are what make me feel
like a tissue paper boat that's adrift in a sea of tears
you're a tear upon a shirt on a cloudy day
you're the tile that's out of place in a hotel foyer
you're a yellowing flower on a hospital window shade

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